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The 'Russia hoax' continues to be a 'soft coup' against President Trump

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Donald Trump doesn’t have to beat former vice president Joe Biden to win in November, he has to overcome the most “extraordinarily biased media campaign” faced by any politician, according to Rita Panahi.

“As well as interference from big tech including Facebook, Twitter, and Google,” she said.

“Not to mention the soft coup from government agencies involved in the Russian collusion hoax and more”.

It comes amid allegations which emerged in the New York Post that Mr Biden’s son Hunter Biden was involved in a ‘pay for play’ scandal whereby he allegedly received money in transaction for access to the then-vice president.

Ms Panahi said the story was sensational but most of the mainstream media in the US is either ignoring it or claiming, “without a shred of evidence, that it’s part of a Russian disinformation effort”.

“The same media who for more than 3 years pushed insane Russian conspiracy theories is again using Russia, Russia, Russia as an all-purpose excuse not to do their job.

“Because doing their job would be devastating for their preferred candidate, Joe Biden”.

Ms Panahi said the president is up against not only Mr Biden but also mainstream media and the tech giants especially given Twitter originally tried to block the story on its platform.

“It would be the most astonishing victory in modern political history if he can pull it off.”

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